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Our company coats various common surfaces to keep them virus and bacteria free.  The company can coat surfaces at your location, either with our technicians or by licensing and training you and your staff to apply our coatings.  Customers can also ship items to our location for coating at our facility.  In addition, the company sells the StaClean™ line of XTI-360 coated, face masks.  We are now producing StaClean masks at our own facility in the United States.

Onsite Surface Coating

Onsite XTI-360 surface coating

XTI-360 coated surfaces become autonomous, anti-virus surfaces, where germs (viruses, bacteria, endotoxins, mold spores, etc.) via aerosol cannot survive.  After just one treatment, XTI-360 coated surfaces will continuously disinfect themselves, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for at least a year.  U.S. lab test results indicated over 99.9% antimicrobial efficacy  on coated materials, including for norovirus and C. diff.

Surface coating begins with an assessment of your facility in order to provide you with a CleanCoating plan and estimate. Depending on job size and the staffing of your organization, we would either have our technicians perform the CleanCoating themselves, or license you and train your cleaning staff supervisors to apply our XTI-360. If you use your own cleaning staff, we will provide you with the coating and necessary equipment. In both cases we provide technical support and followup monitoring.

XTI-360 can be used to coat virtually any surface, including building interiors and virtually any item inside your building.  Our onsite building coating could cover floors, walls, countertops, doors, windows, railings, elevators, restrooms and HVAC system, as well as designated items inside your building including: furniture, computers, cash registers, copy machines, lockers, cafeteria trays, etc.  XTI-360 is also ideal for trains, planes, automobiles, subways, cruise ships and other transportation equipment.

Whether you are a school (including college or university), hospital or medical office, hotel, concert or sports venue, movie theater, gym, casino, supermarket, office building, car dealership, mass transit authority, or any other business, call us today and find out how we can protect your patrons and employees with XTI-360.

PPE Coating

PPE coating

If your company makes or sells PPE, you can help protect your equipment users, our front-line workers, by adding an extra layer of protection to your products.  As part of our in-house CleanCoating operation, we can CleanCoat PPE produced by other manufactures with XTI-360 to make it self-cleaning.  Our front-line workers put their own lives and health at risk every day to help save others and deserve the best protection available.

By coating your PPE with XTI-360, you can extend its useful life and greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination, as CleanCoated PPE will continuously kill virus and bacteria germs as confirmed by independent testing.

Other Article Coating

Other Article Coating

In addition to CleanCoating surfaces in the field, we can also CleanCoat virtually any item in-house including PPE, elevator buttons, airline tray tables, cafeteria trays, atm and kiosk buttons, casings and screens and all types of consumer products, including laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, furniture, dishes, pens and almost anything else you can think of. 

If your company manufactures a product that you would like CleanCoated with XTI-360 before selling it to your customers, please contact us to find out more.

StaClean™ Surgical Style Face Masks

StaClean™ medical masks are coated with XTI-360™ for an extra layer of protection.

Face Masks For Sale Now!

Send email inquiries to:  Telephone inquiries: 866-4XTI360 (866-498-4360), Extension 803.
* Individual orders can be purchased at:

One of our top priorities has been to provide Americans, especially health care and other front-line, safety workers with top-of-the-line, medical quality face masks MADE IN THE USA.  We are proud to announce that we are now producing our own line of XTI-360 coated, StaCleanTM face masks, right here in our home state of Pennsylvania.  Initially, we are producing medical quality, flat, surgical style, face masks.*  We plan to soon introduce our own, medical quality, respirators, also Made in USA.  Unlike any other face masks, all StaClean masks are coated with XTI-360, providing additional protection for the wearer and for others proximate to the wearer. And, there are no Chinese fabric or filtration materials in StaClean face masks.

Please Note: We have just begun production in the United State, and the process of seeking FDA approval for our Made in U.S.A. face masks could not begin until then.  Until we receive FDA approval, our masks must be labeled “not for medical use,” in accordance with FDA labeling regulations. However, our StaClean, “medical quality” masks are identical to those for which we are in the process of seeking FDA approval.* 

Once our masks have FDA approval, we will likely have to prioritize sales to medical facilities, front line responder organizations, and government entities. In the meantime, our medical quality masks are now available for purchase by the general public and anyone not required to strictly use FDA approved masks.*

StaClean masks can now be ordered on a single-order basis (subject to prior sale).  We also accept subscription (auto-fill) orders for regular, monthly deliveries of a specified number of masks at a locked-in, annual, contract price.

Send email inquiries to:  Telephone inquiries: 866-4XTI360 (866-498-4360), Extension 803.

* Our XTI-360 Coated, StaClean, Flat Mask Specifications (not approved for medical use):
Type: Surgical style, flat, medical quality face mask (see specifications, below)
Colors: Medical blue and white or all black (other colors by special order)
BFE: >99 Percent
VFE: >99 Percent
Blood Spatter: L3
# of Layers: 4
Filter Layer: Genuine Melt Blown
Price: Based on quantity ordered. Call for pricing.
Packaging: Each mask individually wrapped; packed 50 masks per box.

Single Order
Minimum Quantity: 2,500 Masks (50 boxes of 50 masks)
Payment: 50 percent with order, 50 percent when ready to ship
(Individual orders can be purchased at: For bulk orders under 2,500 please email

Subscription Order
Subscription Term: One Year
Minimum Order Quantity: 250 masks per month (3,000 for subscription year)
Shipping: monthly order shipped at beginning of each subscription month

Subscription Payment Schedule:
3 Months (25 percent of yearly subscription) due with subscription order
3 months (25 percent of yearly subscription) due by end of months two, five, and eight.

Send email inquiries to:  Telephone inquiries: 866-4XTI360 (866-498-4360), Extension 803.

General Information on Mask Use

To avoid both user self-contamination and cross-contamination from germs on surfaces, disposable masks for medical or front-line use should typically be discarded after a single incident of contact with a patient or a possibly infected person.  (Note: we do not recommend violating any rules or protocols applicable to individual workers.)  However, StaClean masks have XTI-360, germ-killing, self-cleaning, surface coating, so they could be used for an entire shift if not splattered or otherwise soiled or physically damaged. 

In a “civilian” (general public) context, our StaClean mask will continue to provide XTI-360, germ-killing protection for as long as you protect the integrity of the mask.  Simply expose the mask to any type of light (sunlight or artificial) in between uses.  While our XTI-360 nanoparticles will continue to work in the dark, exposure to 20 minutes of light in between uses will keep the XTI-360 coating fully charged, as if it was just factory applied. Please note: unlike cotton “fashion masks”, which provide little effective filtration value, any disposable mask will deteriorate over time with wear and tear, even in “civilian” use.  That’s why they are labeled, “disposable.”  However, for its full useful life (not damaged or stretched), a StaClean mask will filter dangerous, aerosolized virus and bacteria germs much more effectively than any cotton mask and will continue to provide XTI-360 germ-killing protection.

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