Keeping Our Children Safe at School

With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing our in-person education system to a screeching halt, our schools have been forced to figure out alternative and innovative ways to continue to educate our nation’s youth.  While many schools have turned to online learning, nothing truly compares to live in-person classes.  In addition to hands-on learning in the classroom, social interaction with other children is an equally important part of a child’s development, which can not be replicated at home.

In addition, if children are home from school, their parents must stay home to watch and teach them and cannot return to work.

Schools are Breading Grounds for Germs

As we all know, schools are breeding grounds for germs and a primary source of germ transmission. Sally sneezes on her hand and then touches the table or desk. Then Jimmy comes along and touches that same table or desk and brings the germs home to the rest of the family. This has been a problem for as long as there have been schools. The big difference now is that the virus that Jimmy brings home can kill the rest of his family.

How Do We Make Our Schools Safe to Attend?

A school that is protected by XTI-360 is a school that protects students from cross-contamination.  By CleanCoating our schools (including the HVAC systems to clean the air) with XTI-360, we can effectively eliminate the contact transmission of germs including COVID-19, influenza and the common cold.

While you would still need to institute social distancing measures and encourage the wearing of face coverings in order to prevent person-to-person transmission, you would no longer need to worry about germs left behind on common surfaces, allowing you to more safely reinstate in-classroom learning.  We can also provide XTI-360 coated StaClean face masks in children’s sizes

Not only will this allow our children to flourish, but it will also allow their parents to get back to work and keep our economy rolling.

What Gets CleanCoated?

  • Classrooms (Desks, Tables, Chairs)
  • Offices
  • Door Handles, Windows, Stair Railings, Elevators
  • Cubbies / Lockers
  • Restrooms
  • Cafeteria (Kitchen / Lunch Room)
  • Playground
  • Gymnasium
  • Assembly Hall
  • Library
  • HVAC System

Self-Cleaning Bus

CleanCoat your school bus fleet with XTI-360 and protect our children from picking up germs left behind on the school bus. A single coating with XTI-360 will keep your buses safe from germs, 24/7, for the whole school year.

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