Self-Cleaning Air Duct System

Air Sterilization System

One of the biggest issues with providing a safe indoor environment is that germ particles, like COVID-19, tend to recirculate.  Numerous videos have appeared on the news showing how particles spread around restaurants and other indoor environments. 

XTI-360 can also be used on (new or existing) HVAC systems.  CleanCoated HVAC systems will continuously clean air as it passes through the system, killing aerosolized virus droplets as they make contact with the system’s coated filter, greatly reducing the risk of aerosolized transmission.  XTI-360 also eliminates odor and prevents mold growth in the system itself. This is a much cheaper alternative to replacing your entire HVAC system or purchasing expensive MERV-rated filters. 

Odor Protection

XTI-360 eliminates odors, including those caused by smoke, food, body odor and even vomit.  Keep your building always smelling fresh by protecting it with XTI-360’s Active-Shield!  Click here to see how XTI-360 eliminates odors!

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