A High-Risk Industry for Contact Transmission

Not only are casinos continuously filled with lots of people from many different locations, virtually everything in a casino is constantly being touched by all of those people.  Cards, chips, slot machines, dice, tables, glasses, buffet trays, ATMs, elevators, escalators and more are all touched by a never-ending stream of people, making casinos an extremely high-risk place for picking up germs.  As a casino owner, the last thing you want is to be known as a super-spreader business.  So, how to you maintain business operations and still provide a safe environment for your patrons and employees?

Customers Should Gamble Their Money, Not Their Health

By CleanCoating your establishment with XTI-360, you can restore the confidence of your patrons and employees that they will be safe in your casino.  XTI-360 nanoparticles “recharge” when exposed to (natural or artificial) light, but continue to work in the dark, providing continuous protection on all treated surfaces, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for at least a year, after just one treatment.

​XTI-360 can be used on virtually any surface, which means that in addition to CleanCoating door handles, furniture, walls, floors, restrooms, fixtures, etc., you can also CleanCoat all of your cards, chips, dice, slot machines, card shufflers, ATMs, vehicles, and virtually anything else in your establishment.  Let’s face it, disinfecting all of these items after every contact would be virtually impossible and require unimaginable amounts of money and man-power.  By CleanCoating these items with XTI-360, these items will continuously disinfect themselves, 24/7.

​XTI-360 can also be used on (new or existing) HVAC systems.  CleanCoated HVAC systems will continuously clean air as it passes through the system, killing aerosolized virus droplets as they make contact with the system’s coated filter, greatly reducing the risk of aerosolized transmission.  XTI-360 also eliminates odor and prevents mold growth in the system itself.

​Protect your employees by CleanCoating your uniforms, PPE, sneeze guards, garbage bins, money counters, radios, lockers, break rooms, offices, concession trays, cash registers and more.

​While XTI-360 won’t eliminate the need for face coverings (StaClean masks coming soon) and social distancing measures to prevent person-to-person transmission, you would no longer need to worry about people picking up germs left behind on common touch points. 

Odor Protection

XTI-360 Active Shield eliminates odors, including those caused by smoke, food, body odor and even vomit.  Keep your venue always smelling fresh and clean by protecting it with XTI-360. Watch How XTI-360 Eliminates Odors!

Hotels, Resorts & Convention Centers

Does your Casino include a hotel, resort or convention center?  Visit our hotel page to learn more about protecting your valued guests and employees with XTI-360.

Entertainment Venues

Visit our venue page to learn more about how XTI-360 can help provide a safe environment for live entertainment because, as they say, the show must go on!

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