Your banks may protect your customer’s money, but how do you protect your customers from COVID-19 and other virus and bacteria germs?

93% of Americans have a bank account, which make bank branches a high-traffic environment.  Further, most customers visiting bank branches bring germ-infested money with them and touch your counters, pin machines, pens, ATMs, door handles and more, which can lead to cross-infection. 

Provide a safer environment for your customers and employees by protecting your bank with XTI-360.  We can CleanCoat your teller counters, ATM’s, offices, furniture, money counters, drive-up tube canisters, HVAC System and even pens, ensuring your customers and staff the safest banking experience possible.

​Stop spending money continually disinfecting every surface in your bank over and over throughout the day.  Make your bank clean itself and add an extra layer of protection against virus and bacteria germs for your customers and employees.


ATMs have the second highest germ count of any commonly touched surface.  Protect your banks and ATMs with XTI-360.  XTI-360 coated surfaces continuously kill dangerous virus and bacteria germs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for at least a year, after just one treatment.

Person after person uses an ATM each day, making it a collection point for all types of germs.  Studies have shown that, next to gas pumps, ATMs have been found to have the highest germ count of any commonly touched surface. CleanCoat your ATM machines with XTI-360 and give your customers peace of mind that they won’t catch COVID-19, or any other virus, by using your machines.

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