Germ-Free Gas Stations

Turn the Filthiest Surface into One of the Cleanest

With 33.4 million people purchasing gas on a daily basis, gas station pumps are ranked the filthiest commonly touched surface in the country.   In fact, the average gas pump has over 2 million colony-forming units (CFU) per square inch.  That’s 11,000 times more germs than the average household toilet seat.  Further, the touch screen and buttons on the pump have 2.6 millon CFU per square inch.  Given that coronavirus can survive up to 4 days on stainless steel and plastic, gas station pumps are one of the highest-risk surfaces for contracting COVID-19.

​Convenience store door handles, public restrooms, ATM’s (the second filthiest commonly touched surface), cooler and freezer handles, cash registers and public seating areas are also ripe with germs and it’s unrealistic to think that you will be able to disinfect all of them between customers.

By CleanCoating your gas station and convenience store with XTI-360, you can protect your customers, employees and their families from these millions of germs and once again restore their confidence that they will be safe when visiting your properties.  XTI-360 can be applied to virtually any surface or item including gas pumps (handles, touchscreens, buttons), door handles, ATMs, restrooms, walls, floors, cash registers and more.  XTI-360 nanoparticles “recharge” when exposed to (natural or artificial) light, but continues to work in the dark, providing continuous protection on all treated surfaces, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for at least a year, after just one treatment.

As part of our XTI-360 treatment, we can also CleanCoat your (new or existing) HVAC system.  CleanCoated HVAC systems will continuously clean air as it passes through the system, killing aerosolized virus droplets as they make contact with the system’s coated filter, greatly reducing the risk of aerosolized transmission.  XTI-360 also eliminates odor and prevents mold growth in the system itself.

While face coverings and social distancing measures would still be required to prevent person-to-person transmission, you would no longer need to worry about customers picking up germs left behind on common touch points and your CleanCoated HVAC system would continuously clean the air.

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