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Why Choose XTI-360 w/ Active-Shield?

The Invisible Enemy

While viruses and bacteria have plagued society since the beginning of time, the present pandemic gripping the world has put a sharp focus on the need to combat these hidden dangers.

Much of the spread of viruses and bacteria is due to cross-contamination.  That means, the transmission of germs from a surface, or recirculated air, to a person.  Think for a moment about the number of surfaces we touch on a daily basis – door knobs, elevator buttons, hand rails, point of purchase terminals, and so many more.  These common “touchpoints” are a breeding ground for virus and bacteria germs and it is unrealistic to think that a business can repeatedly clean and disinfect them after each contact.

Now, imagine a place where both virus and bacteria germs die from mere contact with any surface, including HVAC filters.  No contact transmission, virtually no recirculating airborne transmission, no cross-infection.  That’s a place protected by XTI-360 with Active-Shield.

XTI-360 Basics

XTI-360 with Active-Shield is the world’s first and only safe, proven, and continuously self-cleaning coating that can deliver over 99.9% efficacy  (independently confirmed by SGS laboratories) without the use of a bonding agent.  XTI-360 can be applied quickly to virtually any type of surface, to make that surface self-cleaning.  In addition to building surfaces, XTI-360 can be used to protect furniture, carpeting, fixtures and various consumer items (computer keyboards, cell phones, tablets, TV remotes, pens, etc.). 

XTI-360 breaks down and vaporizes virus and bacteria germs, and other harmful pathogens, and eliminates odors, 24/7, even in the dark.  Unlike coatings that mechanically pierce virus germs, XTI-360 leaves no residue from virus germs that can turn toxic over time.  XTI-360 germ-killing nanoparticles “recharge” when exposed to light (sunlight or artificial), making XTI-360 with Active-Shield the first and only long-term, self-cleaning, binderless solutionproviding proven* continuous protection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for at least a year, after just one treatment.

XTI-360 is applied using a fine spray, to ensure that all coated areas are completely covered.  It is invisible, odorless, and won’t cause any damage or discoloration to treated surfaces, a common problem with other “self-cleaning” coatings.  And, because XTI-360 adheres to surfaces at a nanoscopic level, it will not wear out, rub off, or peel off like stick-on plastic coatings or films.

CleanCoating your establishment with XTI-360 will make your employees and customers, and their families, feel safer, knowing that they are protected against contact transmission.


Surface Protection

XTI-360 has been independently confirmed to continuously eliminate virus and bacteria germs from any surface, including metal, glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, steel, natural stone, fabric and more, with >99.99% efficacy (independently tested).

Air Purification

Treated (new or existing) HVAC systems will continuously clean air as it passes through the system, killing aerosolized virus droplets as they make contact with the system’s coated filter.  This greatly reduces the risk of aerosolized transmission, eliminates odors in the air and prevents mold growth in the system itself.

Odor Elimination

XTI-360 eliminates odors from surfaces, rooms, vehicles, etc., including strong odors caused by smoke, vomit, mold and more. Watch How XTI-360 Eliminates Odors!

Fabric Protection

XTI-360 preserves the life of fabric and protects fabrics from fading.

Mold Protection

Surface treatment with XTI-360 prevents the growth of mold.  Independent testing has shown 100% efficacy against mold growth including aspergillus niger, penicillium citrinum, chaetomium globosum and myrothecium verrucaria.

>99.99% Efficacy Independently Tested

XTI-360 nanoparticles kill both virus and bacteria germs, using quantum physics, making coated surfaces safe to touch.  *The efficacy of XTI-360 (>99.9% on all substrates) has been independently confirmed by SGS laboratories, one of the world’s most respected testing laboratories (founded in 1878; employs over 90,000 people world-wide).

Safe and Green Technology

XTI-360 is safe and non-toxic (RoHS compliant), consisting of 99% Ultra-Pure Water (UPW), nearly 1% titanium dioxide (TiO2) and a minute amount of silver.  At this level, TiO2 is approved by the FDA as an ingredient in food, skim milk, chewing gum, toothpaste, sunscreens and many other consumer products used every day.  Silver has been used for ornamental purposes, in contact with human skin, since its discovery, with no adverse effects and, for millennia, has been used in disinfectants and microbiocides.   Silver is regularly added to bandages and wound-dressings, catheters, and other medical instruments to prevent infection.  Our technology contains no VOCs or toxic glues, making it the only binderless antimicrobial coating in the world.  All other past and existing “self-cleaning” coatings contain harmful binders or glues, like silicone or silane (flammable), which will break down when exposed to light and cleaning solvents.  That makes other coatings detrimental to and/or ineffective on building materials and consumer goods.

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