What is XTI-360?

XTI-360 is the world’s most advanced, self-cleaning, coating for all surfaces, both indoors and outside.

  • Kills and vaporizes dangerous virus and bacteria germs on surfaces (confirmed by independent lab)
  • Adheres to virtually all surfaces (metal, plastic, glass, fabric, ceramic, stone, tile, wood, textiles)
  • Safe: non-toxic, non-flammable, RoHS compliant; primary active ingredient is in common foods
  • Self-charging: nanoparticles “recharge” with periodic sunlight or artificial light – lasts over one-year
  • Kills germs contacting coated HVAC filters, purifying air and eliminating odors
  • Causes no damage or discoloration; will not wear or peel off like stick-on plastic or films
  • Efficacy (>99.9%) independently confirmed by leading laboratory; testing invited
  • Green technology – FDA approved ingredients
  • Works 24/7, even in the dark

Stop spending endless amounts of money repeatedly disinfecting common surfaces. Make your surfaces self-cleaning with XTI-360!

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